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We are using cutting edge AI and ML to transform data intensive, human knowledge processes

We think people should spend time doing the stuff that people do well, and let the machines do the stuff that machines do better.  We leverage our domain expertise to focus on solving our customers challenges, freeing people to do what they do faster and better.  We use AI and ML technology to build products that are easy to deploy, manage and use and that augment and empower knowledge intensive processes.  

Unstructured data, in the form of emails, documents, social media, web content, images and video is growing rapidly and represents a significant source of opportunity for all organisations.  However, the process of generating actionable intelligence from unstructured data is time consuming and inefficient for human analysts.

We use AI to read and understand all of our customers’ unstructured data, turning it into discoverable and actionable insights.  With our powerful artificial intelligence, organisations become more efficient and effective at analysing large volumes of data.

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Adarga Internship
London or Bristol
  • London/Bristol, England, United Kingdom
Natural Language Processing Data Scientist
Bristol or London
  • London, England, United Kingdom


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