Technical Solutions Consultant

Job description

As a Technical Solutions Consultant with demonstrable experience of identifying, evaluating and
securing new business opportunities you will develop relationships with customers whose objectives
and values align to our own. As an innovative and creative thinker, you will research potential
customer’s areas of interest to understand their requirements and their relationships to our SaaS
offerings. You will develop and deliver customer demos to ensure
features and capabilities are showcased that are relevant to their interests.


We all know that the amount of unstructured data - emails, documents, social media, web content,

images and video - is exploding. We also know that generating actionable intelligence from this data

is time consuming and inefficient.


We think people should spend time doing the stuff that people do well, and let the machines do the

stuff that machines do better. We apply our expertise to tackle our customers’ challenges, freeing

people to do what they do faster and better. We build our AI and ML technology into products that

are easy to deploy, manage and use. We want all our tools to augment and empower knowledge intensive processes and to help our customers efficiently and effectively analyse large volumes of data.


Our customers are engaged in some of the most important and challenging work in the UK and around

the globe, analysing billions of data points each day. The volume and complexity of their data is

growing rapidly and represents a significant opportunity for us to make a positive and significant

impact for our customers.


We have a small and growing team with decades of experience applying ML and AI in the real world.

Our technical team specialise in Natural Language Processing, Complex Network and Graph Theory, Time Series

Analysis, CI/CD Cloud Solutions, Distributed System Architectures and Microservices. We have senior

bankers and junior developers, PhDs and self-taught hackers. Whatever your background, we hope

you would like to find a home in our inclusive and diverse team.


We pride ourselves on our close academic relationships with many of the UK’s leading software

engineering and ML universities where we aim to apply cutting-edge research as soon as it is viable to

real world, client-led problems. We hold quarterly hackathons, where we take a break from the sprint

rhythm, take some of those blue-sky ideas, and encourage ourselves to make something happen!


Adarga is one of the few companies in the UK making Artificial Intelligence work on the ground, today,

in real products. If you have a passion for making products that analyse vast amounts of data faster,

more accurately and more effectively, then why not help us build a better data future?


Essential Skills

  •  Proven technical sales experience from lead creation to deal
  • Development of Demo’s to align to customer requirements
  • Scoping and delivery of Trials and PoC’s leading to sales conversion.
  • History of achievement and regularly exceeding targets
  • Customer requirements elicitation and translation of high-level customer ideas into
    actionable targets
  • Alignment and presentation of technical sales offerings against customer needs
  • User validation, and testing of product hypotheses
  • Facilitating user workshops and other product validation techniques
  • Proven ability to work collaboratively to achieve common targets
  • Ability to engage with product management and engineering teams to develop targeted
  • Ability to generate compelling proposals


Highly Desired

  • Experience of CRM systems and salesforce™
  • Business analysis
  • Agile, Project Management / MSP
  • Data science background
  • Computer science degree
  • Security Clearance required