DevOps Engineer

Job description

🚀 Are you a DevOps Engineer who enjoys working in a flexible, Agile environment where you’re at the core of building mission critical advanced AI software that transforms the way our customers use data?  👨🏾‍💻 

➡️ Are you highly motivated, disciplined and ready to roll your sleeves up? We're still TECHnically a start-up after all! 🙋🏻 

Are you open  to an occasional supermarket run for biscuits? We’re a fan of hobnobs. To quote Peter Kay - They’re a biscuit for dippin’   🍪 ☕️ 

WHAT WE DO (Now that we've ticked off the important stuff)


Enterprise SaaS products that enable customers to analyse vast amounts of unstructured data faster, more accurately and more (cost) effectively.


The problem - Too much unstructured data!

  • Defence, security and intelligence agencies analyse billions of data points a day to identify threats and proactively guard against them. 
  • Unstructured data, in the form of emails, documents, social media, web content, images and video is growing rapidly and represents a significant source of opportunity for all organisations. 
  • However, the process of generating actionable intelligence from unstructured data is time consuming and inefficient for human analysts. 

The solution - identifying the needle in the haystack!

  • Adarga uses AI to read and understand all of our customers' unstructured data, turning it into discoverable and actionable insights. 
  • With Adarga's powerful artificial intelligence, organisations become more efficient and effective at analysing large volumes of data. 
  • Responses to all types of threats can be made with greater speed, accuracy and reliability.



You will be responsible for helping to define, design and implement a robust, scalable, pragmatic and realistic CI/CD cloud solution that works for Adarga and our clients.

You'll design and implement cloud provisioning and deployment solutions which are secure, resilient, monitored, auditable, cost optimised whilst working closely with the Software Engineering group to support implementation of cloud provisioning and deployment solutions.


  • Deep knowledge of Cloud network and security architecture 

  • Good knowledge of cloud compliance policies such as CIS and ISO27001 benchmarks 

  • Expert in Cloud computing, storage, networking, logging and monitoring, auditing and security services 

  • Hands on experience in using build servers like Jenkins, Bamboo, Teamcity etc. (Jenkins preferred) 

  • Hand on experience of IaC and configuration management tools such as Terraform, Ansible, Packer, Chef etc. 

  • Expert scripting and automation skills (Python and Groovy – Preferred, Perl, bash, Ruby, or similar) 

  • Linux (RHEL/CentOS – preferred) and Windows system administration 

Nice to Have but not mandatory 

  • Good working knowledge of RDBMS services in cloud 
  • Practical experience with Infrastructure-As-Code environment/platform configuration management tools (Ansible - preferred, Puppet, Salt, Chef etc.) 
  • Practical experience with build tools/systems including Maven & Ant