DevOps Engineer

Job description

We all know that the amount of unstructured data - emails, documents, social media, web content, images and video - is exploding.  We also know that generating actionable intelligence from this data is time consuming and inefficient.

We think people should spend time doing the stuff that people do well, and let the machines do the stuff that machines do better.  We apply our expertise to tackle our customers’ challenges, freeing people to do what they do faster and better.  We build our AI and ML technology into products that are easy to deploy, manage and use.  We want all our tools to augment and empower knowledge-intensive processes and to help our customers efficiently and effectively analyse large volumes of data.  

Our customers are engaged in some of the most important and challenging work in the UK and around the globe, analysing billions of data points each day. The volume and complexity of their data is growing rapidly and represents a significant opportunity for us to make a positive and significant impact for our customers.

We have a small and growing team with decades of experience applying ML and AI in the real world. Our team specialise in Natural Language Processing, Complex Network and Graph Theory, Time Series Analysis, CI/CD Cloud Solutions, Distributed System Architectures and Microservices.  We have senior bankers and junior developers, PhDs and self-taught hackers. Whatever your background, we hope you would like to find a home in our inclusive and diverse team.

We pride ourselves on our close academic relationships with many of the UK’s leading software engineering and ML universities where we aim to apply cutting-edge research as soon as it is viable to real world, client-led problems.  We hold quarterly hackathons, where we take a break from the sprint rhythm, take some of those blue-sky ideas, and encourage ourselves to make something happen! 

Adarga is one of the few companies in the UK making Artificial Intelligence work on the ground, today, in real products. If you have a passion for making products that analyse vast amounts of data faster, more accurately and more effectively, then why not help us build a better data future?

We’re looking for a multi-skilled engineer to join our small x-ops team. Our remit is to design production systems to be scalable, fault-tolerant and secure, and to streamline and optimise the development and deployment pipelines used by the engineers. We approach this challenge with a software engineering mindset.

Our product is cloud native, and the management of it is highly automated - but there’s still work to do! Our development environment is similar. Our goal is fully automated continuous deployment, and everything as code. We don’t shy away from using new tools and technologies to improve our estate, and consequently are on a constant journey of discovery.

You will bring additional focus to our work, contributing actively to the team’s goals, and working closely with the development teams as we strive towards our goals. Your days will be highly dynamic, a mixture of development, learning and supporting our product releases. Development activities range from small incremental improvements and bug fixes to multi-month strategic scale collaborative projects. In all of our activities we work side by side with the developers and researchers, are actively involved in their sprints, and bring to bear a variety of technologies to ensure software quality and high velocity. 

Within this role, you will have the chance to:

  • Make a real impact – our flagship products will rely heavily on the systems you help to build and support

  • Continuously learn a wide array of new technologies

  • Receive committed mentoring and training by an experienced leadership team

  • Have an immediate opportunity for increased responsibility, leadership, and personal growth



  • Hands on experience with microservice architectures running in Kubernetes

  • Proven automation and software engineering skills

  • Good knowledge of cloud network and security architecture

  • Good knowledge of cloud compliance policies such as CIS and ISO27001 benchmarks

  • Experience with cloud-based logging, monitoring, auditing and security services

Nice to have but not mandatory:

  • Practical experience with infrastructure-as-code tooling, preferably Terraform

  • Experience of Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) concepts and practices

  • Experience of Chaos Testing concepts and practices

  • Practical experience with build pipelines and CI/CD systems

  • Good working knowledge of database and other stateful services in cloud

Company Benefits

In addition to a competitive salary we offer options to all permanent employees. We offer 25 days per year holiday, annually increasing by 1 day for each year’s service to a maximum of 30 days. We also offer a Holiday Buys scheme, allowing employees to obtain another 5 days holiday (subject to certain conditions) for each holiday year.  Our contracted hours are 37½ hours per week, with core hours dependent upon the employment location.