Adarga Internship

Job description

The Role

This is a paid internship opportunity of 10 – 12 weeks for undergraduate or postgraduate students, based in either London or Bristol,

starting in June 2020.


  • All the work will be real project-based work that is part of the Adarga plan, so you can expect to make a real-contributions to Adarga and the work we do: this is an opportunity to ship real code and real science in our core offerings. Your work for us will make a difference. 
  • You will have a mentor assigned to you to help develop and define a success strategy for your time at Adarga.
  • The CTO will host monthly intern lunches to share best practice and so you can network with the other interns.


Closing date for applications: 17 April 2020


Engineering Internships

  • You will be partnered with a product team “squad” that is working on core features and deliverables for the company
  • You will be actively mentored by both the squad tech lead, other members of the team, and potentially, also by a designated mentor if there are specific skills or needs.
  • To begin with, you’ll do some pair work, like helping the product manager and tech lead on squad with technical tasks and learning the product development and agile process.
  • As your comfort with and exposure to process and code grows, we’ll extend your role in the team and give you specific tasks to develop – this includes giving you a specific set of deliverables and things that you will own and produce for the squad and Adarga.


Data Science Internships

  • We will partner you with a scientist at Adarga and you’ll be integrated directly into our science team.
  • When you first start, we’ll pair you with a mentor, give you an introduction to what we do, and show you round all the current projects we have underway. There will be a number of projects available and you will be matched to the ones that best suit your skills, aptitudes and learning goals. Then you’ll be assigned to a science project.
  • All the project work is real, and is part of the core efforts at Adarga. These projects span core NLP, deep learning, graph, and network computing.
  • Depending on the nature of the project, you will be expected to own and/or produce a piece of research and result outputs, such as a document or code/data model.



  • Currently pursuing a Bachelor’s, Master’s or PhD degree program in computer science or a related technology field
  • Available to work full-time for a minimum of ten weeks
  • Ability to work as part of a team
  • Looking to make the most out of summer 2020